Reality: True Reflections vs Grand Illusions

Reflections, Holograms KronborgLook carefully and you will discover why I chose this photograph for today's blog.

This morning when reading one of my favourite blogs, the author had written a poem expressing the painful sense of what it is to 'settle'; to be confused and unclear due to the intensity of the present tense; and uncertain if there was, and he would ever find, a way out.

There’s a wonderful mathematical rule called “Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle” that I find myself faced with every day and for those who are feeling similar, it might be helpful. The principle reminds us that there’s a variety of inequalities that play out in life. It seems that Mother Nature or the Divine Co-creative placed a necessary limit to how precisely we can be simultaneously aware of the linked variables in living even though they are in fact, complementary. While most would think of this as applying only to our physical nature, connecting where we are, location, and the speed that we’re travelling (or even being stuck), I’m sure it equally applies to our emotional, mental, instinctual, temporal and spiritual realities. These are our inner constructs that link our inner world with our outer world.

Self-awareness, knowing that we are and understanding that we are lovable is the source of empathy. When we express it to ourselves, the world knows that our sense of deserving is what makes us capable of amazing service.

The opportunity for this and every day is to keep our ears, eyes, hearts, heads and hands open, willingly stepping into Love, the Source by any other name. This will lead us through the miasma that often times feels miserable.  I know VERY well that when we come through the illusion and out the proverbial 'other end' of tunnel vision, where we find ourselves is often equally miraculous.


Inhale the fragrance of life and exhale fear.


Hear the MUSIC, the song of Creation and sing your song (okay, some of us may want to hum).

And remember that when our eyes are closed to what 'is', the only way to find we can way is by doing emotional Braille. Make and take the time for yourself to connect the dots and when you do the Light will come back on and Love will flow once again.