Clearly, the physical experiences of dying, leaving my footprint embedded in Eternity, changed my life in many positive ways. But not one of my three trips over that invisible threshold gave me immunity to pain. Whenever someone asks if my intuition increased as a consequence of these adventures, my reply is "No." What I'm far more aware of is how these experiences honed to a *&^%*)% razor sharp point, my awareness that human sufferings primary cause is how we beat ourselves, heart, head and spirit, black and blue until we're bloody, and then we take our pain out on others and the very environment that sustains us.

Too many well-meaning people take a Pollyanna approach to what's going on in the world. To my mind that's pandering to neediness. Too many take a different tack and grab the gold believing their personal worth is worth any cost and any loss is collateral damage. Earlier this year one of my best and most trusted friends on the planet was diagnosed with cancer. His doctors, the best of the best, told him and his wife that because of its location there was no way they could treat it. Unwilling to bow before M. Deities, they wanted to know why. The experts explained that the arteries in that area of the human body are not large enough to deliver the type of medications that would be used to treat the tumor with-out there being further damage. Having long ago given up 'normal', they required the docs to order another type of scan, one that would see if his arteries in that area were in any way unusual.

To their amazement the scan confirmed that his arteries were 'super-sized'. Definitely unique to their experience, they immediately scheduled a first attempt at treatment. Today, after four, cross-country trips for highly specialised treatments, I received a 'Hallelujah' email that the 'untreatable' tumors are dead and dying as his body heals. Today there is a virus of loneliness, a cancerous suffering that is negatively affecting the entire world. This is unconscionable when there's a Knowledge of the healing power of resonance. Too many of our afflictions, addictions and pain, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual are the consequences of hostile takeovers. They are ultimately INSIDE JOBS.

Today there are four books on this knowledge; one from the scientific point of view, and three from the personal/social perspective. The first, the 'big' book' is the real miracle; it presents the double peer-reviewed, scientifically acknowledged new knowledge, the Mereon Matrix, that I was able to retrieve from 'the other side' of Life's threshold, the realm most call 'death'. Another presents the really hard stuff, making it clear why if we don't intentionally live our Life Purpose on purpose we forfeit the right to bitch and moan when we 'lose'.

Every day I get out of bed I remind myself why I do what I do: the bottom line being if death is real why do I remember being dead? Life is about doing whatever we can do make living worthwhile. It's about joyously growing and evolving through every relationship and the conditions we find ourselves in. Those who knew and know me best will tell you that every day I live my life by the 'Laws' of logic and Love, sometimes to their deep exasperation and even anger. Why anger? Because there's no way that I'll 'go along to get along' and in the face of emotional manipulation or abuse, or worse, an outright lie, my protest is logical but never loud, and when there's no resolution, I exit, softly but firmly closing the door behind me. In some instances, family, it's a revolving door, but more often than not it's not. Sometimes what's going on on this planet feels unbearable. At those moments my greatest challenge is to willingly remain open and vulnerable. For a long time a very big and loud part of me longed to return to a monastic life where in the silence I could layer up, putting on filters and living out my life while anticipating something far better in the 'next'. The problem came with the realisation that doing so was essentially the path that's taken by every suicide bomber.

So why do I do what I do? To keep a Promise: to be here in case one person wants to know. Lots of people have made huge changes in their lives and talk about it and preach how they did it. Too many accept that they are responsible for such change and give credit to someone else. I've learned the hard way that lip service doesn't serve my body, heart, mind or spirit. I know that what works for me may well not work for you because we're all unique. The news flash is that while many are suffering from the false sense of terminal uniqueness not one of us is dying from it unless we take ourselves out believing there is no Cure.

If you find this at all meaningful, please pass it on for taking true Understanding into our lives and the world is a challenge that must be met by one and all.