Running Shoes: Fear Vs. Scared

We can all recount experiences of happiness and sadness, times of trials and tribulations. The real opportunity is to remember without making excuses, shaming or blaming. What I find terrifying is how often so many seem to lose track of what is real in ‘real time’ and wind up forgetting what really matters in light of eternity.

Fear has the power to suck our breath away and keep it. It freezes our feet, and turns open hands into fists. It closes our eyes, plugs our noses and disconnects our bullshit detectors. Worse, I’ve seen of late how it causes us go deaf and mute. Fear is a death sentence, and when we dive into it we’re as hard to grab as a kid a fire fighter finds cowering under the bed when the house is burning. Fear churns things upside down and grinds what’s grand and good into mulch.

                                                                                                  Supersonic Sneakers

                                                                                                  Supersonic Sneakers

It’s opposite is arrogance, ego that leads too many to fight battle they cannot win for losing. It is the root of the egonomics that have caused the current tsunami of change, something that has swamped too many who thought they could boogie board or body surf their way to calm waters.

From my shoes being ‘scared’ is a far different state. Living authentically often finds me ‘scared’, this an open and humble place. It’s when I willingly turn my life inside out, and call forth the remembrance of love that deepens the gratitude that fans the fires of courage. The apex of emotional intelligence is when something takes my breath away, love gives it back. It also provides the wisdom to know when to speak up, and yes, when to run.

When faced with physical, emotional, mental, instinctual, temporal or spiritual challenges, survival requires that we turn and head as fast as we can for high ground. It’s not the time to pick up sea shells. When life delivers a major life lessons, we pass when we willingly grow with the flow; this means moving in the same direction as the wave, not running headlong into it.

This is your lifetime.

Embrace the passed in every moment because it is the Future.