The Solstice

winter solstice.jpg

Today as we celebrate the Solstice, the Sun turning to make its return to the Northern Hemisphere, my recent experiences combined with too many headlines in the day's not-new-news, call to the awareness the words and wisdom of Lynn Margulis who said;

"To me, the human move to take responsibility for the Living Earth is laughable-- the rhetoric of the powerless. The planet takes care of us, not we of it. Our self-inflated moral imperative to guide a wayward Earth, or heal our sick planet is evidence of our immense capacity for self-delusion. Rather we need to protect ourselves from ourselves."

The challenge is that such protection begins with healing ourselves. All teachers who have ever taught of Love, light and relationships have know that we can only love others to the degree that we are willing and able to consciously love and care for ourselves.

Please take a moment to visit and consider the scientific logic that is the foundation for these thoughts. What you will find here is the location of your inner light switch. Better still is that you'll discover the 'technology' that disconnects the dimmer switch and other buttons that others love to push...

Joy and the warmth of inner light to you this cold December day.

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom