Christmas Day 2014

Today I am celebrating the divine tone that regenerates light, that which illumines the heart and mind and has the power to birth the only thing that will ever usher in the inner peace and world peace that I and so many others long and work towards;

  • Knowledge that fuses paradox and dismantles the need to be ‘right’ and make another ‘wrong';
  • Understanding that arises from multiple perspectives and lifts all to a new point of view;
  • Wisdom that grows loving responses based on the knowledge that Truth is inclusive of infinite ‘trues'; and
  • The Realisation that Unity occurs through Diversity and diversity is Unity’s only product.

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom