2015: Transformation and the Fractal Majority

Entering 2015 in horizontal mode, knocked down by a wicked flu bug that’s kept me off-line for over a week in every imaginable way, provided time between sneezes to reconsider how living is all about safely navigating our interconnected existential realities. Specifically, these linked domains are internal and external; 1) our ‘invironment’ being the universe under our skin, the space that embraces our purpose, vision, values, emotions, attitudes, instincts and spirit; and 2) our environment, the temporal spatial nexus in which the quality of our lives is defined by our relationships. The real kicker for humanity seems to be getting it through our dense, closed and stuffed up heads that these relationships are far more than our intimates, family, friends, friendlies, and acquaintances. The connections that affect us in unimaginable ways are those that are infinite, the powerful fractal majority that is invisible, unknown and nameless.

For years I was ‘visual’, my realities pretty much determined by the perspective my feet had been padlocked to, and what I perceived or chose to parrot. No surprise that my existential fears were being in the wrong place and being invisible. Paradoxically, my way of staying out of harms way was to 1) superglue myself to the place occupied by one whose approval was more important than my authenticity, and 2) to then make myself invisible!

However, all this changed after three waltzes with the Arc Angle of Death, the first two in 1987, and the ‘Last Dance’ in 2001. These experiences changed my life and eradicated all fear of dying by providing what is now scientific evidence that there is more to life than meets the eye!

Note: Even though death planted Seeds that have grown into a noble knowledge of Life and living, while knowing full well that life is too short for wishing and too %^&* long for regretting, I have to say that I dearly wish death had also stripped away the seemingly interminable pain that accompanies fractured relationships with loved ones, or when one we love sheds this mortal coil and Love’s wholeness is returned to its pieces and becomes new possibilities.

For almost three decades, four instruments have allowed me to make my way in a world, science, one where I and many others considered me unprepared for: the first two sensory devices are my ears. My acoustical ability is what continually leads me to authenticity where I’m able to discover recover what “Is”, both internally and externally. When my olfactory capacity, my bullshit detector, is on the blink, resonance helps me sniff out the truth behind any allure or appearance of beauty. More often than not, even though my sniffer knows when I’ve stepped in relationshit, my aural reality strips the aura of pretence and personality and uncovers what’s really going on. When I lose my way, vibration faithfully returns me to the Path of Love, leading me to what got in the way of my forgetting. Just as surely as a loving tone and the timbre of acceptance is an invitation to an embrace, a fractious and angry tone sends me running for cover. Hearing is to me what Braille is to one who’s been blind for life. Simply put, my auditory capacity is how I ‘read’. The second instruments are my hands; the need express myself creatively through art and words. My experiences stripped away the fear of death and in its place two vibrant intents have long resided side-by-side: 1) a craving for silence and solitude; and 2) its twin, writing and speaking. These four instruments stabilise my life in every way; they link my longing to remember what I smelled, heard, and saw in my experience of death and dying, and are united in how I share the knowledge that remained after getting kicked over the threshold between the states of Existence!

Let me ask a couple of probative questions; how often do you feel unheard? How often do you pause before you speak, your intent to make sure your words will communicate what you’re feeling, what you need and what you want in a meaningful way that another can hear? How do you feel in your body when someone comes at you using their words like drawn swords? What happens to your emotions? What attitudes rise to the occasion? What instincts kick in? How often does personal survival and the need to be right, trump the existence of understanding, the lifeblood of Love?

As one who dares to write, resolved to communicate a Technicolor Universal message in a print world of black and white, appropriately colouring the space between simple words is the only way to create the rainbow bridge that connects a universal concept in a manner both individually and culturally meaningful.

To those for whom English is a second language, forgive me when I fail to put enough ‘bricks’ in the bridge.

Seldom does day goes by that I don’t think about trashing or otherwise retiring my keyboard. More often than not, what makes me want to weep and stop is how seldom anyone responds. Getting through the holidaze, meaning stripped by commercial madness, meant enlisting my body, brain and spirit to fight to stay upright, to resist the virus leaning on the doorbell.

Five days after surrendering to the flu, it dawned on me that in a more global perspective my present thoughts are simply an offering for the future. The thing about a gift is yes, the giver has to prepare it but the recipient has to be ready and willing to receive it. In that moment, the sweet fragrance of surrender washed over me, and so it was that I entered the healing progress all the while listening as the Universe laugh as my brain disengaged and my spirit breathed through the Cosmic Theta, “Ah ha’s” coming again and again and again…

The Mereon Legacy CIC's Dia.BLOG.ue is a place to share perspectives. The intent is to awaken diverse Thoughts to catalyse interaction between the human will and the Divine spirit. The desire is to catalyse reflections that deepen the sense of presence.

The reason? To invite you to join us in reweaving, repairing, and mending doing all that we can to strengthen the fabric of our richly textured interconnection. Only then can we meet, honouring our diversity as we celebrate our unity, learning to cooperate and innovation to truly inaugurate transformation.

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom