Love opens a river of Grace across the Desert

Having just returned, physically anyway, from my journey in Israel’s magnificent Negev desert, know that a blog entry cannot cover experiences that could well be a book. The following is a capsulized moment in time that is a reflection of a beginning, a middle, and an endless ending.

The long anticipated adventure was realised in full, a 27+ 1 year ‘knowing’ that defied knowledge proved to be truly true. A continuum of divine order connected my inner realities; –physical, emotional, re-cognitive (a perfect reflection a long held ‘knowing’ that connected passed, present and future in the light of Eternity) seamlessly linking time and space with instinct, intuition and spirit. Every breath was holy and whole, aligning my inner realms with the external reality I was privileged to share with 500 others.

From Scandinavia through Istanbul to Tel Aviv and south to Eilat, the days in the desert exceeded my ability to imagine and matched every dream. In this landscape, unlike anything I have ever experienced, the stars hang so low in the night sky that it seems certain there was no need to wait for one to fall. Listening to hear a star call your name, it is a choice and an opportunity to choose, holding its brilliance on an open hand. Such a star you would never pick and hide in a pocket. The Universal Music we call Mereon vibrated loud and clear, never stopping even when stillness ruled and silence gave birth to pure magic. During my talk, remembering, sharing as I called us into the sacred space where the ineffable divine could be heard, thunder rose from the south and echoed across the desert. Moments later, without a lake for a mikvah, the heavens opened and a soft rain blessed one and all, and seconds later we bathed in awe, our thirsty spirit’s quenched as we soaked in wonder under a 180 degree brilliant double rainbow that bridged Heaven and Earth.

The return was a wild ride on a trajectory from Eilat to Tel Aviv where an unexpected twist and turn took me north to Moscow, Russia for a 10-hour adventure before heading west.

Today, while both feet are on the ground and a light snow falls from the heavens, for the second time in my lifetime my blithe spirit is missing. It is transiting the space that rides between black and white; flowing with the life Source of the Universe while wandering in grace and wondering with awe while riding the timeless arc of Love’s double rainbow that connects every moment and every thought.

Today is a beautiful day, a gift that is ours to unwrap and open. Remember that what a day holds is always a surprise, so don't hold your breath! Breathe as you inhale love and exhale gratitude!

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom