Paradox: The Cosmos has a sense of humour but the Universe isn't laughing

Thoughts shared by Lynnclaire Dennis

Most are familiar with the quote "No man ever steps in the same river twice", but few know it was uttered by Heraclitus, a Greek sage who occupied the planet long before Socrates. He stands tall in the legion of cosmic muses who inspire me, a man who was a self-taught pioneer who sought true wisdom.

I know well the traits necessary to become and be a pioneer; think ‘chutzpah', tenacity and more than a teaspoon of audacity. To venture into domains that nothing save death and dying prepared me for, think ’science’, has been the most amazing adventure. Unlike Heraclitus I’ve not been self-taught. After being ‘baptised’ in the Cosmos, steeped in the cosmic soup three times, rest assured that what I came out with, infinitely detailed knowledge of the Mereon Matrix, is most certainly not something I’m smart enough to come up with. It is the greatest privilege of my life to live, learn and play with a group of remarkable people, friends who for decades have proven themselves closer than family. They are understanding, and they seek to understand; because their internal realities are coherent they are free to walk this world in Love without needing to talk about why they Love; how they love is unique to them and they have no need to make anyone else do it their way; and all they ask in return is that you love in kind.

A week from today I leave for Israel where I’ll be presenting the knowledge inherent in the Mereon Matrix. It is my greatest honour to share what been up to for the last 20 years at the most appropriate venue that the Universe could ever cook up; a Healing Music Festival. It will take place in the Negev Desert, a location that’s equally fitting because humanity, long gluttonous for information, is starving to death, hungry for true knowledge that helps them understand self and other.

How often have you found yourself running towards your dream, seeing the wellspring of love fountaining and flowing in front of you only to find yourself cupping a handful of sand?

Too many find themselves barely surviving, life and society an existential desert that’s filled with mirages. Today the masses are dying of loneliness, and going to mass, sitting in a synagogue, parked on the pew in the church, or kneeling in the mosque isn’t helping. The only thing that will quench this thirst is Love that manifests as genuine understanding; acceptance that honours that our Unity is the consequence of an utterly remarkable, indeed, unimaginable diversity. What makes us unique is our greatest gift, yet it our uniqueness is a condition that far too many fear to be terminal. To identify and embrace our authenticity, that which is wrapped around the nucleus of our being, noble, life-affirming values, means getting over the hurdles of the false borders that we’ve built. The all too real borders that we’ve created from the flawed concepts of nationalism, class, cast, and religion continue to induce cataclysmic quakes through society. The attitudes of entitlement, rights, power and the need to be right are tearing lives apart, shattering families and ripping planet asunder. Such actions destroy the health and shred the spirit. It is time to surrender the strangle hold too many have on the ‘status quo’. If it ever way, it got up and left the ‘house’.

Fact: all life arose from non-life.

To end adversity we must identifying the seed, the kernel of life that we share. For me this is Love. It’s not a sappy sentiment and is far more than noun or a verb. Loving is the Universal Language given to us by the creation of the cosmos. It alone has the power to transcend hope and trump yet include every brand of ‘faith’. It is essential for the endurance of the Future, yours, mine and those the Children who will become it’s new guardians.

What will it take for you, one with unique abilities, to harness the will to become the positive, powerful agent of change that is essential for the Transformation that is so urgently needed?

The gig is up and the old game is over. THERE ARE NO WINNERS.

A new TeamPlayGround is built and we’re ready to play. All that’s missing is you and the means.

Please join us. “Nothing endures but change.”

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom