The Dance of Life

A link to the website where you can find these videos in full context is at the end of this post! It may surprise many to learn that this modelling was done by our Mereon team member, Robert W. Gray, between in 2001 and 2007.

There are so many beautiful images of dynamic geometry available, it seemed important to share the complex simplicity of the Mereon Matrix once again. Remember that this matrix is pure gold; every point, edge and plane anchored and flowing with the golden ratio; and in it's breathing we find it is inclusive of all the fundamental polyhedra that define us and our universe. For me the magic remains that this complexitity unites everything, connecting it with the simple Pattern recognised as both the torus and a 'special' 3D, polarised trefoil knot.

Life beyond 'Flatline'

The Pattern, the simplest form of connection, is tied when we willingly connect all the pieces of self.

How might honouring and considering the 'pot pourri' of you in every choice make a positive change in your life and relationships?

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Lynnclaire Dennis

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