Synchronicity InPowered by Love

I've learned that life is filled to overflowing with opportunities that can only be considered 'magical' or 'miraculous'. When you experience one such moment you learn to tune in, never wanting to miss another.

Yesterday was filled with many of those moments. It started when I woke up, and rolled over to turn on the light. The instant I turned on the bedroom lamp the lightbulb exploded, and it turned out that the lamp was 'fried'. An hour later when it happened again, the 'message' seemed clear; Pay attention! When energy starts blowing out, I've learned to take it as an emotional heads up...

The day before, I'd scheduled a Skype call with my friend Elmer, forgetting that it was the same time that guests from out of town were due to arrive. But connecting with him was an absolute priority, and so I was continually checking my email to confirm the call with his beloved wife Anne, and struggling to focus while doing my best to not to burn the evening meal that was far more complicated than it ought to have been given the circumstances.

I was in the kitchen with my friends Jahnavi and Marylou, when two things happened; first, the energy in the room suddenly felt electrified, a sense that made all of us aware that 'something' was going on. It was then that I clearly heard Elmer say "Hey Lynnclaire."

Telling them what happened, while neither Jahnavi nor Marylou heard him, without discounting my experience, I suggested that our guests might have arrived. They hadn't, but it seemed certain that Elmer had.

The evening progressed and no email came to confirm the Skype call. Shortly after my guests left for their hotel, I opened my email to find a note from Anne that came in at 18.14. My energy dissolved reading her simple words telling me that Elmer passed at 9 AM their time, 17.00 mine; the exact moment when Elmer's energy appeared in the kitchen and he called my name.

That he made a house call, stopping by to say farewell came as a surprise to no one. It remains an experience of grace for which I will be forever grateful. Sharing this and the lightbulb experiences with Anne last night, she immediately wrote back telling me how recently a friend gave Elmer a new nickname. It was given because it seemed he kept coming up with all manner of ideas... The name? "Lightbulb"

In the highest sense, this was an example of synchronicity, which for me is when human will, two or more, and the Divine spirit agree, and then come together to cooperate in what is most surely the work of regeneration. In this instance synchronicity produced an opportunity for closure, a chance to say hello and goodbye. All I can say is that for the Universe to take Elmer Schettler at this time means there's a big job that needs big boots and an incredible heart to accomplish. That he rode the arc of Love from the red rocks of Sedona to Switzerland's Alps for a cosmic hug, was a remarkable ending that sent us both towards a new beginning.

Strangly enough, today every time I've touched a lamp the bulb has instantly blown out. I think Elmer has been hanging out, enjoying the Alps and Lago Maggiore...

Pay attention. You never know who may be waiting to greet you.

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom