Continued: Still thinking Big about the Infinitesimal

A reminder of the original impetus for these thoughts: “At the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it.”

Quantum mechanics is simply a naming for a metaphor. These two words are a description for an exploration that at the noble end intends to identify the Source, and lead to an understanding about the harmony inherent in the forces that led to life and determine the quality of our lives. At the not-so-noble end these words fit what some are doing to manipulate the small stuff to fit their idea about what ‘Is’ or should be. Clearly, the definition of ‘Is’ need not be scientific. At one end of existential spectrum, life is a wide open investigation that hopefully leads to wisdom and wise actions. However, at the other it’s the Grand Inquisition all over again and as we know too well, it’s likely to result in a gargantuan mess, consequence those who started it weren’t smart enough to imagine.

While it may seem staggering that 99.999999% of space is empty, a quick glance out my window quickly leads my brain to acknowledge that it’s true. The air we breathe is vibrating, filled with massive amounts of ‘nothing’! These invisible bits of dancing energy move to Music that most cannot hear, constantly recharging our bodies so we can transform potential into something new.

I'm persuaded that the quality of my life is based on one habit; my willingness to consciously take the time necessary to make a well informed and coherent decision. Both a simple and complex choice can instantly invoke an intelligible response with a single breath; even though we don’t always say it, we know when “No” is “No.” Whether the ‘no’ is instantaneous or significant time is required, I've learned the hard way that every aspect of my being must have a ‘voice’ in the choice. Only when this chorus is in harmony do I avert agonising process, and catalyses joyous progress.

Living in a universe that was birthed in paradox is not an excuse for bad behaviour that’s based on confusion or worse, ignoring facts. Evidence demands a verdict, and most of us have experienced the grave error of thinking something will simply go away as long as we don’t look at it. Examples: ignoring a small wound that won’t heal can lead to death; if an emotional paper cut is not cleaned it becomes infected and can prove fatal to a relationship; and just think about how a bad attitude can pollute your entire day. And thinking about ignorance and ignoring, with COP12 happening at this moment, I can’t help but think about climate change. When are we going to take a hard and close look at how our personal habits ARE what’s painting the Big Picture? It’s time for both the ‘big wigs’ and little masses to look again because the health, homes, and quality of life for too many is already being decimated and the rest of us are really frogs, unaware that we are swimming in the proverbial caldron with the heat rising.

For me, a physical body is a gift, a miraculous form of tangible matter. Yet when I pause to think about how much of what truly matters in my life, I realise the vast majority of it is based on the intangibles. The following questions are just a few of the myriad I've been asking myself over the last couple of days...

What happens to that miracle when you accept ‘normalised’ or ‘standardised’ rather than being natural?

What happens to your life when you’re not paying attention --- not looking at it, or trying to forget it?

How often does what you hear influence the way you feel, only to lead you far from your purpose or even off the Path?

How often has a flippant choice taken you on a detour that was not to ‘the scenic route’?

How often has what you thought you saw left a good impression, only to end up leaving skid marks on your body, a big dent in your heart, while why’ning dig a hole in your head to the point that your spirit needs help in healing?

What happens when you base a decision on an assumption?

What happens when you take what someone tells you on faith, and after believing it to be true have it turn out to be utterly false?

How often does your instinct lead you astray?

Have many times have you ‘gone with your gut’ only to end up being physically, emotionally and mentally gutted by someone else’s gluttony?

How often is your intuition spot on in one regard, but far away from the target in terms of time?

How often does what you think prove to stink, or shrink your world view?

How often does your intuition lead you astray, sending you off course and wasting precious moments of your lifetime?

Suffice it to say that these questions will continually be asked, with the answering changing every time I look at them.

Life is made up of small bits that must be weighed by our spirit, which is equally real and true, and up to the task. Today find the courage to measure the logic and meaning of your personal choices against your vision and values, and before acting, consciously assessing what its impact will be on your relationships and the world at large.

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom