Becoming Real Light and Living Love's Truth

It will likely come as a surprise to some that having died three times the opportunity to live in Israel at this point in history, even for these brief months of Spring, is at the top of the chart labelled ‘the most amazing experiences in my lifetime’. Even so, only yesterday I found myself unable to find my centre point of balancing, and speechless, couldn't walk in peace. One breath took me back to Living Plan Be, the realisation once again catalysing total surrender! Instantly giving thanks for what 'is', I rediscovered the joy of floating in the flow of elegant grace and infinite mercy.

With every breath I am encountering new awareness of the divine Source of life, that which occupies my body, heart and mind; the spirit that moves me through every one of my internal interconnected realities, physical, emotional, cognitive, spatial, temporal and spiritual. Every breath serves as a reminder that what is personal is far more than about me; every choice I make, every decision I take, consciously or unconsciously, affects the collective. My voice and actions leave a mark, a wound, a pock mark, or evidence of healing on that which is global. Here, the daily sounds are a universe away from the tranquil beauty I’ve been deeply blessed to know and experience. Every time I hear a gunshot I reaffirm my vow to never again take such serenity for granted and to work diligently so that no child has to fear living with chaos forever.

In every single way it is time for all of us, the Human Family, to willingly and courageously step forward to face every type of ‘storm’, doing so with the full knowledge that when the Light breaks behind us, a rainbow may well appear. For me the rainbow is far more than a symbol of hope, this arc mistakenly thought to be the last thing to leave Pandora’s Box. For me while the Knotted rainbow has been revealed, too many are attempting to keep it hidden inside this hidden ‘cube’ and our lives. The progenitor’s of Love, our divine cosmic parents, are present and await full emergence, our task to open our hearts and minds and release them into our world. We are their Children and their legacy is human kindness, understanding, and peace.

If you are upright and able to walk you talk, begin to live your dreams today. Carefully take down the walls, borders and fences that keep you and all creation locked in the dark, recognising that the tyrant of doubt and fear rules this dismal domain.

Opening the Love Knot releases the lie of ‘either/or’, a false universe constructed of stone-cold shades of grey that others have built using the mortar of guilt and the duct tape of shame to hold them together.

Know that by passing these Love Knot thoughts on to others, We can lift ourselves and our world into the space of Transformation, and together ride the spherical Rainbow that has the power to take Us far beyond the fragile realm of hope.

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom