Monday and Divine Order

This morning I opened my email and found a note from a friend responding to the updates I’ve been sending following the many meetings that have been taking place since I arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area. Filled with loving energy, while she set me off on the final, too fast paced days of this adventure to a good start, one statement left me puzzled; it was that I had ‘hashgacha on me’. Curious and clueless, only the first five letters were entered into a search engine when the meaning appeared!

Hashgacha is a Hebrew term that relates to a thought that is essential in many traditions as well as my world, science; continuous creation.

One of my life heroes is the extraordinary human, David Bohm (1917-1992). Knowing there was more to life than our physical and mental realities, he developed the concept we know today as the “implicate and explicate order”. It posits that every cell in our body --our heart and our brain-- obeys the time and timing set by the Musical numbers that choreograph the quantum realm, the domain of that which remains for most inaudible and invisible.

For almost three decades it’s been my joy to experience an almost continuous sense of ‘divine order’. Believe me when I say that while this is true in no way does it mean that life is simple or easy. My realisation of 'divine' is very different from the religious, puppet-like beliefs that I grew up to be a ventriloquist for. The 'divine' is the core of every experience that I consciously choose, the result of what my friend Jennifer calls "Suiting up, showing up, speaking up and knowing when to shut up'.

It seems to me that we mere mortals have a bad habit of confusing faith with illogical notions that have nothing to do with spirituality, religion or making meaningful connections. Too many take comfort while they destroy life, creating nothing but pain and chaos (think war) as they buy into the belief that they are created in the image of the Divine. I strongly and respectfully suggest that it’s actually the other way around; that someone came up with the idea to puff up their ego and to rationalise, justify, or spiritualise their horrific attitudes and behaviours.

Yes, we're Children, progeny of our parents. But we know that all matter, living and lifelike, came from star stuff, non-human matter! While it's energizing, it isn’t ‘living’. Another point that makes the concept of continuous creation all the more interesting to me is the fact that we exist in an expanding universe. But better yet it’s one that’s speeding up! This is very interesting in terms of the Mereon Matrix, but like David Bohm's questioning of science, space and time, this for me begs an even bigger question-- where are we going?

What’s the nature of your reality today?

What are you creating in your life and world?

What are you co-creating with others?

Are you doing it with a clear conscience?

Are you aware?

Are you tuned in and get that you’re not alone?

Have you ever experienced a tangible sense of Consciousness that led to the realisation that you are a whole part of a coherent whole that is participating in Eternal progress?

For me, being a participant of grace is far more than a matter of faith. It is the realisation that the finite amount of energy in our Universe continuously recycles as matter evolves and is continually enfolded back into the Love Knot. This means that each breath is an opportunity to connect with the Infinite as we connect our inner realities and reconnect with those we love. It is this that truly makes my work High Play, and the work we call Mereon a cause to care, and gives us a many profound reasons for sharing.

Do all you can to make today a celebration!

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom