The Gift of Presence and being present in gifting

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It’s an amazing blessing how on a regular basis the Universe brings me into connection with very special people. Those who touch me most profoundly are individuals who embody a unique ability to openly express understanding and love. Time and again they come from the space where vulnerability, and it’s their authenticity that forms a bond. The genuine nature of spirit is a powerful sense of presence, a quality that’s utterly devoid of ‘push’, and its felt first by the light in their eyes and the smile that easily spreads from heart to face. Their gifts are many but their presence always opens me to see something new. While this missive is to share about a real time connection, first let me say that it’s important to realise that we often don’t always meet these people in physical space for some time. A number of names immediately come to into my head and drop me to my heart, Harlon Davey being one. We ‘found’ each other through our blogs, and every ‘like’ and comment he send my way is an affirmation that we share a common ‘destination’—finding ourselves through living and loving authentically on purpose. You will find many ‘gifts’ awaiting you when you check out "A

But let me share a gift that was given to me by Noa, a new friend. However, let me first quality the term ‘new’. Before we were introduced, our eyes met across a room that was jam packed with 30-40 people, and I both felt and saw an instant recognition that bounced from Noa right back at me! It was one of those ‘magical’ instances when an eternal yet temporal connection is instantaneously complete. Such moments always cause me to ‘re-cognize’, rethink, what I think I know about human existence, and consider again how we travel through our lifetimes, and how we ride the rainbow of time, time and time again, as we weave through space as is expands in unimaginable ways.

We met when Noa and her husband Eliezer welcomed my friends Natalie and Moshe and I, along with 30+ others into their home for the Passover Seder several weeks ago. While I’ve been to many Seders in the last twenty years, this one was unique, the reason being that their spiritual path is as orthodox Jews embracing and embraced by the Breslev tradition. What soon became an experience of truly amazing grace is how my experiences on many spiritual paths prove to be pinching due to narrow mindedness, theirs is wide and open. Feeling at home, physically, emotionally and spiritually, the reason lies in the origin or the tradition. Their Rebbe, and Ukrainian Rabbi Nachman was an exceptional human being, a mystic, poet and musician whose life journey was wandering in nature, this, the world in which he explored spirituality. It came as no surprise that his message continues to revolve around the wonder and beauty of sound that he experienced as he danced in the light that he knew to be love. These unifying elements -- beauty, light, and dance-- are the main elements that define the thematic expressions within the Breslev community, and those who embrace this tradition are inspired by his admonition to be authentic, joyful without giving in to the many glaring reasons, self-induced and other produced, for despair. The time we spent together during my last visit was well spent in conscious dreaming, imagining new dreams and new songs that we’re committed to lift and sing into life. Needless to say, after settling into my digs on this trip, their home was at the top of my list of first destinations!

So it was that Saturday afternoon found us and the majority of their 7 children, a parade of joy, walking the strand beach in Tel Aviv. As two of the boys got soaked to the skin in the surf, we all enjoyed the final hour leading up to sunset and the end of Shabbat. An unbelievable windy day, as Noa and I walked and talked, I laughed and asked her how on earth Eliezer kept his shtreimel, a hat similar to the one shown to the right, but with a narrower, saucer-like ring of fur, on his head! I doubt if you can imagine my surprise when she said, “Oh that hat… I so don’t like it!” Making it clear that if his hat blew into the sea, she would not regret it one bit caused me to turn to her and ask “You hate it?” Laughing she said “Yes. I bought it for him as a gift, an expensive present at that, because it was what he really wanted.” Shaking her head, she laughed and continued, “He loves it so much, but I still don’t like it at all!”

Noa reminded me that there’s a Universal Law that exceeds the Golden Rule many try to live by, a canon that’s usually stated, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” But stop and rethink this fuzzy logic; if Noa lived by the Golden Rule she’d love it if Eliezer went out and bought her a matching hat, a fact that is clearly untrue.

Both Noa and Eliezer have made it their conscious intent to live a Pure Gold Law, a law of Love that includes and transcends every religion. Honouring the Unity that is defined by diversity, it can be simply stated, “Living is about being and doing to others as you know they want it done unto them!”

May we all strive to make such Love true in loving ways this day!

Lynnclaire Dennis

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