Time, Transition and Transformation

Sunset in Jerusalem

As hard as it is to believe, my long journey across Israel is fast coming to an end, even though my return in already embedded in the current ending. As we celebrate final dinners and I pack my bags in preparation to fly to Milan, and train from there to Locarno for four days before flying to Denmark to see if my cat will still talk to me. The 24th I fly south once again, and while I'd planned to keep my feet on the ground for the summer, another 'bounce' was added to my itinerary yesterday, a return to California. The reason is a joyous one I can assure you, and I'll update more about that later. However, today's lesson is once again auditing the course where we learn how announcing our plans is a surefire way to make the Universe Laugh! Remaining open and in the flow is the only way I know to grow, and it's also what's necessary on our part for the divine to do what she wants to do; cooperate in making love known!

There is no time to write about the magical journey that evolved during the trip north to Tzfat and the return to Tel Aviv, so I hope for now the pictures will serve as reminders of what a beautiful planet we are privileged to call home.

Love yourselves, one another and Gaia well today!

The Old City of Jerusalem, near the Jaffa Gate

Mt. Meron, seen from the home of dear friends in Tzfat

Magical light on a 16th Century community being rebuilt in the Old City of Tzfat
by Livnot-ulehibanot

The main street in Tzfat

And needless to say, friends guided us to the amazing work produced by a remarkable man, David Friedman! Give yourselves a gift and make time to visit his gallery!!!

Lynnclaire Dennis

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