Transforming how we ReCognize… ‘rethinking’ without thinking something to death

                              Imagining the light of a true Thought, a gift the Universe drops into my brain that I'm clearly not smart enough to think up...

Seldom do I post more than once a day... but when lights go on we face and deal with the exception...

Mine came an hour ago when an email dropped into my inbox, and seeing the subject line, "Change your story. Change your life." led to the need to make an immediate response. While respecting the source of this story, I have to disagree with the headline, doing so as I freely admit that my response comes without reading the context. Why? The headline was penciled on my brain, and after writing it down I erased it and deleted the email without further ado.

From my perspective the admonition ‘Change your story’, period, full stop, as an instruction to ‘Change your life’, period, full stop, is telling you to authorise what is true for you as a work of fiction. Like many, I talked and walked the way someone else wanted me to for half my life, and know full well the pain that comes from living an existential lie.

Authenticity is learning the lessons that come with honouring your story. The problem is when we keep telling the story over and over again, or worse, auditing it with new players speaking old lines, wearing the same get-ups and acting out on the same old stage. Living and writing your life story isn't about rewriting history; its simply realising that what’s happened to you isn't who you are; it’s what made you who you are. What was in our past, years ago or our most recent breath, are chapters that we read and passed. Face it, if you’re reading this post, your final words and your ending are very much a mystery!

To change our lives and our world, it’s time to give up the idea that we have to live anyone else’s story, old or new. Living isn't about reading a script that someone else wrote and someone else must produce and direct. It’s up to us to authorise our lives and stop worrying or wondering what anyone else thinks, and wasting our lives working to try and change what we can’t; others.

The only thing we’re responsible to change is the only thing we can, ourselves. This means engaging our hearts, brains and mouths before we respond to any situation, including an email from someone you don’t even know! The quality of our lives is all about how we respond to every situation, and I’m so happy that email came, once again giving me an opportunity to honour my past as I rethink, recognize and chew on this sweet morsel of ‘true’ once again.

Every breath is a gift, a chance to change how we live our lives. Every breath is a present, an opportunity to feel and express our feelings. Every breath is a fleeting moment of time we can use to transform an attitude. Every breath is a journey, an adventure with an unknown destination. Every breath is a bonus, grace and grand largess from the universe. Our next breath is a promissory note we cannot confuse it with a promise. May we choose to invest it wisely in what we love.

Thank you for following what we're up to at, and for passing this work along.
It's time for every light to shine and
for love to prevail over insanity.

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom