Living with double hearts

This morning --before coffee-- I read an article that woke me up!

The statement that grabbed my attention was this: "People with more bodily awareness tend have more intense reactions to emotive pictures and report being more greatly moved by them; they are also better at describing their feelings. Furthermore, the article goes on to report that "Importantly, this sensitivity seems to extend to others’ feelings..."

Click here to read an article well worth reading! Rest assured, the questions that will come up in your heart and brain are not any that I need to ask! Make a decision to be in touch with your body and heart and I suspect your brain will wake up, and if you consciously choose to follow what arises, you may well have a wonderful day filled with gifts and all manner of surprises. 

P.S. About the picture.... this is clearly not Israel where I am now entering the final week in a two+ month visit,  miracles and magic are the strands weaving my breath and creating the tapestry of  my days. However, I fully admit that the emotional tug at my heart to go home to Minusio [Locarno], Switzerland is getting stronger by the minute!

Lynnclaire Dennis

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