Dreaming, Living and Dealing with Memories of Shattered Dreams

How often do you dream a Dream into actuality?

The Dream... Dolce Vita  with Swiss sensibilities :)

The Dream... Dolce Vita  with Swiss sensibilities :)

Last night after a major solar storm led to a powerful wind storm on Earth, one that whipped Lago Maggiore into a whitecapped frenzy, I walked to a Chiesa di San Quirco, 14th Century church only a few blocks from my home. Meditating as I sat on a bench and watched the sunset I came to the full realisation that I'm living one of life's painful paradoxes... While embraced by love, divine and human, surrounded by magic and steeped in the awe and wonder that comes with a realised Dream, my joy isn't shared with the one whom this Dream was originally visioned with.

Chiesa di San Quirico, a 14th Century Church on Lago Maggiore

Transiting from darkness into light without analysing the darkness...

The power of a living system over stonewalls & emotional strong holds

Walking home took me through a small tunnel, and past a wall that has clearly been repaired time and again over the centuries due to small plants, growing systems just like us, are able to find the smallest crack and work their way towards the light. I reminded myself that haeling a broken heart is what lets us break free from pain.

I sat down on one of the quintessential red Swiss park benches, and contemplated for the umpteenth time how living brings us to joy when we willingly transit sorrow. Gratituded flooded my spirit with the realisation that the gift of a renewed life is ours when we allow process to become progress. Embracing transition keeps us from getting dizzy in the spins that turn us right and left. Knowing that time is a curve keeps us stable through the ups and downs, change constantly turning us inside out and back again and again and again.

Here, in this realised dream, last week colleagues and I spent five-days in an intense working dialogue as we brought another Dream one step closer to existence. My way of preparing for the next wave, colleagues from Spain arriving in two days, is to blissfully live in bliss with a paintbrush in my hand. For me, this always calls for happiness and leads to the experience of wholeness, consciously living my Purpose on purpose bringing health and well-being into Technicolour!

May love draw you body, heart, attitude and spirit through whatever this day brings your way.

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom