Light living and all things 'dark'...

Yes, it's true. There is, always has been and if possible, will continue to be-- a special drawer in my kitchen for dark chocolate, coffee and teas!

Analysing the darkness we encounter during the quest of a lifetime --to remember who we are and rediscover the wholeness and holiness of our inner Light-- is a time drain. Too often it masquerades as constructive criticism, or taking someone's spiritual temperature. Too much of such blather is blabber, idle chit chat and hearsay that is unadulterated gossip if the person we're talking about isn't in the room. To utter such 'evaluations' is to succumb to judging, one of the biggest emotional black holes, its power quickly dragging us off the centre of the Path.

When we walk forward and keep the light at our back, the present moment, even if it's a storm, is in clear view, and we're in rainbow territory! As for the past and the future... I long ago learned that keeping my past in my peripheral vision, far away but close enough to see and remember, is what lets me be in the moment; hearing and seeing what is while focusing on what's beside me and before me. This habit is the best deterrent to keep from enrolling in 'lessons' already passed, even though messing up happens.

Life is too short and precious to repeat our past errors. Preparing for the future is important, but it's trumped by the necessity of understanding how anything that constructs an expectation is a setup, a premeditated grudge. Twenty-five years ago this awareness led to an intent to live what I called "Plan Be", living every moment while growing as a human becoming.

It's important, no, critical to realise when our negative, self-serving attitudes and bad habits blind and bind us. So too, it's important to observe the affect that tone of voice, words and actions have on us, and to make a healthy response. And my final thought for the day is this: from my perspective there are only kinds of darkness that are well worth making a daily habit of evaluating --physically, emotionally and cognitively-- coffee and dark chocolate!

My new favourite brand; Fairtrade as kosher.

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom