Being the Light and Illumining the Darkness

A couple of feeble but beautiful shots of the storm raging over Lago Maggiore
last night and early this morning!

Just as I was falling asleep last night my entire flat shook, a stark reminder about how more than once while living on the Big Island of Hawaii an earthquake literally bounced me out of bed. Pulling out my earplugs as I headed for the terrace, the deafening rumble made it clear that a major storm was raging on Lago Maggiore. Those who know me well already correctly surmise that the next several hours were spent between waking and sleeping on the chaise! (One of these days I'm going to get over my need to try and film these events, my camera battery never on a full charge quickly sending me the 'depleted' message!) Horizontal lightning ‘broke’ the sky for hours, and only after a huge flash momentarily blinded me and left me seeing red did I decide it was time to go inside.

Whether we want to admit it or not, the reality is that we all share one path. My reading of late has been about World War II, and it’s chilling to realise that although we may think differently, humanity is putting on a display that reveals that nothing has changed! Our habits have once again put us on the razor's edge, our choices causing us to inhabit a world that is sickened by the same attitudinal viruses the Human Family suffered then.

This storm once again led to the realisation why it’s time for those who know where their inner light switch is to turn on their lights. It’s a moral, ethical and spiritual responsibility to illumine the dark, and to turn our thoughts into actions that are empowered to catalyse positive change. Only this can actually manifest as ‘products’ that are embued with sustainable potential. In the same way that the storm opened the darkness to reveal the trees and lake, neither seen but loudly heard, so too, we must make an effort to reveal the stumbling blocks that we crash into, realising that they are common to us all. It’s time to bank the curves we know are too flat, and spaces places that carry us over the proverbial cliff time and again. What changes would be possible if we illuminated the road so we could see and remember the emotional diversions that we were once led to believe were ‘scenic detours’, deviations that were in fact, life-threatening?

While trailblazing our life course we can and must help ourselves and others to avoid the some slippery slopes that have caused us to fall by putting up markers. Every cipher and sign we make enables remembering when we passed that rough point in our journey and let’s others know we’re with them on this Path. Remember that every twist and turn in the road is an opportunity to ask “Who am I? In order to fully serve, what do I deserve to receive in this moment?”

As we flow and move with the light may we willingly face the tempests knowing that while we may cause them, we cannot afford to confuse them with who and what we are. Face the darkness and open it with love, staying safe while anticipating rainbows.

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom