Nap Time

Travelling is one of my greatest joys, and what makes it so special is meeting locals who take delight in showing a 'newbie' around their neighbourhood, and serving remarkable samples of their culture. My current journey --across Georgia and North Carolina-- continues to be an experience of true Southern hospitality. The people I'm working with feel like 'family' and the relationships we're growing are the foundation for projects we look forward to sharing very soon!

Even so, short trips covering thousands of miles in too many cars, trains, and planes, and the long days with the nights best described as 'sleeping fast', I'm grateful that my body does a good job of reminding me that it isn't always able to clearly distinguish between 'good' stress --the fun and exciting stuffI>, and the not-so-good stress, think jetlag, multiple time zones, food changes and such.I

So it is that I'm keeping my email 'away' message on, using cruise control on my rental car, and continually reminding myself that multi-tasking is still, one thing at a time.

Mom's satin comforter...

Joy to you as together we continue to learn, live and love well.

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Lynnclaire Dennis

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