Can 2 become 1?

Yesterday's post accomplished its purpose, catalysing questions regarding the nature of the spiral and it's relationship to Love. Was it a riddle about how a right hand and a left hand can become one?

No... Okay... well, maybe. Let's start with Newton's 3rd law about pairs which says "for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction." Let's consider a right-hand spiral and a left-handed spiral, which are opposites for sure.

How do we resolve differences in order to grow in the same direction? Is unity, true union and reunion possible?

knotted spirals b.jpg

Pick any point as a starting place and grow in one direction, and you will soon discover that Love has led you back to where you began.

What does this little exercise tell you? What was the first thought that came to conscious awareness?

Lynnclaire Dennis

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