Light and Dark II: Relational Round-Abouts, Caves and Dead-Ends

Yesterday a dear friend responded to the Dia.BLOG.ue, the post entitled 'Light or Dark' on Facebook, saying “I prefer walking alone in the light until I meet a friend, but I will not stay in the dark, just to avoid to be alone!”

It's heartbreaking to know how many suffer in silence, never taught that it’s okay to ask for help. Too few realize that humanity's greatest demonstration of strength is not to go to war, but to show our vulnerability and ask for a hand to hold when we’re are alone and afraid, or a hand up when we're down.

Life has taught me that there are times when Love compels us to venture into scary, dim and dark places when those we love and care call out for help. However, there are also times those who say they love us do things that have nothing to do with love.

Ask yourself; How many times have you been blindfolded us and told it was an 'adventure', only to find that you'd been led into an emotionally dark space where your body, heart, brain and spirit were at risk?

The instant you realise what's going on, it's critical to understand that this is not a time for talking; it is time to get help, and if necessary to do a 180 and run for your life. If the person who hauled you into that spot doesn't like your actions, tough. What they call 'love' has nothing to do with Loving; it's about needing to be right and in control. Making such an exit is requires self-centering, you consciously loving yourself. Ignore those who in emotional ignorance call you selfish or self-centered.

At times like this More than likely the only light will be internal, and we have to find our way by doing emotional braille and following our intuition or instinctual radar. Listen for those whose voices you love who call you through, and don't worry about watching your back because most of those who live in the shadows and have loud mouths are actually cowards, and don't have the backbone, courage, to follow.

A lifetime is a grand opportunity, a chance to remember what you are and to create and evolve who you through conscious expressions of Love. Everyday is a gift. Celebrate by courageously living authentically!

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom