Bubbles forming Cornerstones

Chances are you remember some of the basics that were hammered into you in 8th grade geometry. You probably recall the 'Platonic solids', even though it’s unlikely that you remember their names or that there are five of them. These five forms were the cornerstones in Plato's philosophy and science.

My reason for bringing this subject up is that they have the same role in modernity which begs the question; why did Plato use these forms to represent the fundamental elements of nature?

The answer may seem obvious to some; the reason being that they are found in nature. However, that isn't true for all of them. The Icosahedron is invisible in nature. So how was it he made it the symbol for water?

In case you're wondering if this is a legitimate question, the fact is that the structure of water wasn't scientifically understood until 2001, and our understanding is still evolving!

So, given that we're all 'water babies', water making up a huge portion of our bodies in weight and volume, think about how water is also the key that opens or locks your emotional body... Ask yourself a couple of questions: How often does something 'invisible' cause an emotional 'bubbling' inside you? How often is it love? What causes you to boil with anger? What is it that makes you fountain with frustration?

Today make time to actively love yourself, doing whatever 'waters' your body, soul and spirit.

This image puts the first picture into perspective...

Don't miss my colleague picking up stones!

Lynnclaire Dennis

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