An Open Love Letter

Today when I saw that this is my 333rd post on the DiaBLOGue, words suddenly began to gurgle up from my heart, and flowing from my brain --its willing slave-- made their way down through my fingers and onto the page...

How often do you find yourself feeling sad, angry and stuck,

Does Love often go missing as your emotions run amok?

Why is it your brain’s so intent on manipulating your heart?

What on Earth will it take to give your life a new start?

Awakening the Alchemist who knows what you’re made of,

The first tonic she’ll stir is gratitude infused with self-love.

Steeped over time, she adds a large dose of deep passion,

Producing a truly divine elixir that defies reason and ration.

An amalgam of Knowledge and knowing transforms every pain,

This bonding agent healing fear, allowing us to love once again.

All creation’s composed of energy, light not meant to be trapped,

Analyzing the night an excuse to keep love from being unwrapped.

Running headlong into the spotlight we are blind, unable to see,

And without a compass, friction erodes the ability to hear & fully be.

Flowing with the light, we instantly recognize those who are beside us,

No more Picasso affect, one eye then the other, the end of distrust.

Relearning as we flow & grow, embracing the great, grand Unknown,

With the light forever behind us, a golden halo becomes a bright crown.

Love illumining hearts defines ‘sainthood’, time on loan, life fully owned,

Free to receive & return in the moment, love’s not for an instant postponed.

Our shadows ever before us, dancing partners leading the way,

Holding hands we face every storm as rainbows open a new day.

To end friction despair, doubt, burn-out and a spirit bowed down,

To return to Home we simply pirouette, a half circle turned round.

Surrendering the need to be right, lets us ride the breath, ending pain,

And without the need to control, what was once unimaginable is gained.

Loving holds the heart open, its knowledge clearly inscribed on the brain,

Keep Love on display, for as humans an occasional shut down is ordained.

Love’s light sends fear and doubt into the darkness, back under the bed,

Ending reactive tones and words that once spoken aloud can’t be unsaid.

As a Catalyst for change, Love most profound, we must always remember

All we can change is ourselves, our attitudes & hearts lit by Love’s ember.

So much time & energy’s wasted by needing to make passed lessons prologue,

Love and loving at risk of being smothered in toxic mental & emotional fog.

No more time wasted picking scabs, we allow old wounds to finally heal,

As we stop sifting through the ashes for something we end every old ordeal.

Courage open us to love, to focus on possibilities without false distraction,

Opening time & space to explore what defines gravity, the true power of attraction.

Get over your ‘stories’, chapter & verse, using it as a reference as you write a new verse,

To find yourself blessed & in bliss, body, heart, head & spirit in Love’s elixir immersed.

Embracing life and others with passion, knowing Love never returns void,

For in the congress of a single kiss and one spoken word, fear is destroyed.

Coalesce into Unity as the Life Source of Universe rides beside each breath,

Aware that this too is bound in Eternity, Love’s Knot knowing there is no death.

Step into autumn, preparing winter’s hermetic cocoon, space to ready for spring,

Loving with courage infused with rich wisdom to patiently await what it brings.

Deepening connections, exploring boundless insights we dare exceed convention,

As we InVision & respond, co-creating the Future with Love’s fullest expression.

Lynnclaire Dennis

The Mereon Legacy CIC, The Pavement, 3 The Pavement, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR3 5BU , United Kingdom