Learning: Stardust Stirring for Sustainability

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We need your help. We mere mortals hold the essence of life in our hands; water, light and the Children who will soon inherit this responsibility. Tragically, too many are opting out, abdicating rather than accepting a legacy they see no possible way of dealing with.

It’s the 11th hour, but it’s not too late. It’s urgent to bring a new knowledge to the world about how Unity occurs through our diversity, and why this Unity, a truly ‘sacred marriage’,  only produces one thing: deeper diversity. Think about this fact: you don’t learn from others who think just like you. You learn from others who have had experiences that are different from yours.

Where the educational programme Belonging has been implemented, the response from parents, administration, teachers, directors, psychologists and others in the educational system has been remarkable. As educators awaken to a new understanding of themselves and their colleagues, they begin to see their role as social architects. As the students build a TeamPlayGround, the same thing happens, and this lucid self- and other awareness catalyses a significant transformation in attitudes and actions. Old illusions about “tolerance” being a ‘good’ attitude crumble as they experience the evidence that in fact it’s a closed heart, mind and fist. Why? Because when tolerance ends –which it does- mouths flap and fists fly.

BeLonging begins with a new perspective. Sharing such a ‘high point’ with someone who has long held a position and its attendant point of view different, a viewpoint that’s far from your own is the first step to learning something new -about yourself and others.

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Lynnclaire Dennis

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