What's Love got to do with education?



Drop > Ripples > Wave > Tsunami

                                                                                                                           (c) lynnclaire dennis

How we choose to live works like how we breathe; we inhale, utilize what we take in, and then we exhale. The quality of every choice we make has a direct impact on the quality of our lives. Conscious decisions take us forward even though the destination remains unknown, so too those we take unconsciously, as well as choices that are utterly devoid of conscience, as well as the that opportunities that we abdicate.

When Love is the substance that we consciously inhale, what we are likely to experience is the intrinsic quality of joy, the element essential to foster inner peace. This leads to the capacity to exhale the understanding and compassion that alone generates peace.

Think about the last time you had an emotional reaction of the ‘nuclear’ variety; when our attitudes turn toxic, we inhale fear, this leading to depression and experiences of self- doubt, which in turn erode trust and cause us to exhale terror.

Take care on what you decide today, understanding that what you take in and take through will lead to how you say and do whatever you do.

                                                                                                                          (C) lynnclaire dennis

                                                                                                                          (C) lynnclaire dennis

Learning: Stardust Stirring for Sustainability

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We need your help. We mere mortals hold the essence of life in our hands; water, light and the Children who will soon inherit this responsibility. Tragically, too many are opting out, abdicating rather than accepting a legacy they see no possible way of dealing with.

It’s the 11th hour, but it’s not too late. It’s urgent to bring a new knowledge to the world about how Unity occurs through our diversity, and why this Unity, a truly ‘sacred marriage’,  only produces one thing: deeper diversity. Think about this fact: you don’t learn from others who think just like you. You learn from others who have had experiences that are different from yours.

Where the educational programme Belonging has been implemented, the response from parents, administration, teachers, directors, psychologists and others in the educational system has been remarkable. As educators awaken to a new understanding of themselves and their colleagues, they begin to see their role as social architects. As the students build a TeamPlayGround, the same thing happens, and this lucid self- and other awareness catalyses a significant transformation in attitudes and actions. Old illusions about “tolerance” being a ‘good’ attitude crumble as they experience the evidence that in fact it’s a closed heart, mind and fist. Why? Because when tolerance ends –which it does- mouths flap and fists fly.

BeLonging begins with a new perspective. Sharing such a ‘high point’ with someone who has long held a position and its attendant point of view different, a viewpoint that’s far from your own is the first step to learning something new -about yourself and others.

Thank you for participating in BeLonging!



Wisdom Catalysing a Cascade of Thought

fountain diablogue 21 sept 2016.jpg

This morning there was a notice in my email inbox of a piece of writing shared by someone I'm connected with through InterNations, a great social connection for expats and people who spend significant time in cities around the world. While I'm awaiting his permission to share this powerful and beautiful poem, the following thoughts immediately flew from my heart to move my fingers:

It's tragic that so many people are seeking for what they yearn for outside their own skin, heart, head and spirit, utterly unaware that the desire to belong, to be known and know, to be loved and love, is an internal quest. It's time to call an end to the Fool's Errand  that so many supposed 'guides' get us to pay for, sending others out to find the Fountain of You, blindfolded by neediness and greed so the Fountain of You remains undiscovered, it's potential unoptimised. To harness the passion that flows from the Field of Loving Compassion is the purpose of the gift we call life.

Permission granted! Here's J. Sam Barr's poem. Thank you Sam for such a lovely gift from your heart.

Daybreak and it’s dawn of a new day;
as flora and fauna rejoice afresh
In the designs of creation and life’s way;
like the confusion of bonded mesh

A new day starts for many souls;
some in normalcy, some astray
It’s merely a place of flesh and ghouls;
still some are in complete disarray

In one place life accords abundance;
while in another it robs and plunders
In one place it’s sunny with no reluctance;
then over the horizon rain and thunder

In one home the cries of a newborn;
while in another death and sorrow
In one abode a bounty of grain and corn;
but in another destitution and no tomorrow

Many are blessed with security and shelter;
they reap plentifully and waste thoughtlessly
No far away rule poverty and helter skelter;
hunger, butchery, war and sheer misery

The weak and minute run from the mighty;
lest they become fodder and harshly trodden
No matter, for there’re always those more weighty;
they peck at will and devour with blood sodden

Single men are worth a million others;
no tether they are overwhelmed by avarice
Their meals worth a thousand portions of others;
strangely they still espouse injury and malice

Some preach selfless love, charity and devotion;
some promulgate war, destruction and obliteration
Some born frail, no limbs and need contraption;
some powerful, agile and speedy in mobilization

Those whose power wields such supremacy;
a single cruel word worth thousands of lives
But many whose shouts unheard, is normalcy;
some slaughtered yet somewhere a baby survives

There are those seeking cures for longevity;
still some slumber meekly awaiting death’s call
Others may exist in oblivion and marginal sanity;
but seeking eternal life here is the irony of it all.

Quality of Life and BeLonging

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

The quality of our lives comes from feeling and knowing that we're connected, believing that we are lovable, loved and free to love!

The Mereon Legacy is currently preparing to bring BeLonging to the world. Join us for a preview as we get ready to launch a new website on 10.10.2016. Transformation and preparation for the future takes all of us.

Please visit us at https://www.facebook.com/thebelongingprojects/, love what we're up to, and pass it on! Your support means the world to us and the World!

Attraction and BeLonging

While Albert Einstein insisted, “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”, perhaps it’s time to reconsider his rather vehement disavowal. 

Think about it; gravity is a force that attracts any objects with mass, and regardless of our size we humans are pretty 'massive'. Stop and imagine this fact: at this instant you are actually pulling on every other object in the entire universe! 

Now, roll your brain back to middle school, or whenever it was that you first learned about Newton's Laws. Do you remember Third Law? Right! It's the rule that states, 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.'

Pause for a moment and lean into your heart and remember what it feels like when a knee jerk reaction --your own or someone else's-- sets up the conditions for rejection or abandonment, rather than a heart driven response between equals?

So ask yourself, what if the opposite of gravity --Love-- is levity?

Love is an attractive principle. For most of us being loved and loving defines what is meaningful and measurable in our lives. Think about the times when you've witnessed a loving relationship that seemed to be a sheer demonstration of true love being a  karmic or cosmic connection! How often do we reject love because it defies social logic or what we think is 'acceptable'?

Authenticity that comes from our core generates Loving. When that special indefinable something is allowed to draw close enough to tug at our heart strings, we almost magically lighten up! It's what my friend Jahnavi Lisa calls 'honey bunny boo time'! It's power lifts ours attitudes, positively changes our behaviour, and immediately begins to improve the quality of our life. (This also goes a long way to explaining why someone in the throes of first, new or renewed love, is often little more than entertainment value...)


What happens to your love of life or another when you lose your sense of humour?

What is the opposites of this kind of gravity in your life?

How would making laughter, love and fun fundamental attract others into your life in a way that lets you experience the joy of BeLonging?