From the Universal Symphony of silence

ReThinking Systemic Thinking

A decades long, transdisiplinary investigation has led to an understanding about how a dynamic model known as the Mereon Matrix presents humanity with a universal template to understand whole systems. It shows why and how unity is the consequence of diversity, and presents that the only sustainable product from such unity is diversity. As such it is leading to a new approach to General Systems theory, and compels a serious rethinking about how we build a system, renew a relationship, and renovate an organisations.

Allowing us to see the sequential progress used to produce the building blocks of life, fundamental forms, we're able to understand where and how each form fits. The Patterning in the Mereon Matrix enables us to identify its functions and comprehend how they hand off from one to the other. In this we are able to fathom how a series of an emergent properties are produced as the original energy taken in is transformed, each phase of matter essential to systemic endurance.

Understanding how a system operates over time, leads to knowledge about how and why both living organisms and life-like systems --relationship, a family or any group-- must self-organise internally to become sustainable. Because the Mereon Matrix relates to any type of system it offers an invitation to challenge what we think we know about science and the art of living our lives.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Nikolai Tesla