Perspective: Open Heart. Open Attitudes.

“One thus sees that a new kind of theory is needed which drops these basic commitments and at most recovers some essential features of the older theories as abstract forms derived from a deeper reality in which what prevails in unbroken wholeness.”  —David Bohm

These images reveal what from my perspective is the best reason to care, as well as a compelling reason to share. The top row of images reveal what the sounds of a healthy human heart look like. The bottom row images show what’s going on in your brain, the sounds of an EEG look like.  Clearly, Mereon’s patterning is in you, and this gives you a serious reason to pause and rethink what you have long thought you knew.  

This toroidal energy is the same pattern that defines a black hole; it’s what moves a forest fire and hurricane. A fire spins and burns 1) until something drowns it, 2) starves it of oxygen or 3) until there is not longer anything to ‘eat’ at which time it burns itself out. As long as a hurricane or typhoon has warm water it will race across the ocean. They weaken when they encounter and shallow land masses, but they only stop when they hit cold water or land.  

Using Mereon as a template to organise information reveals that we are far more amazing than perhaps we ever dared to imagine. It’s Time is a short paper that attempts to help you make a big leap fast by lifting you to a new point where you can understand that human consciousness is far more than a complex neurological process. 

Our capabilities include and infinitely exceed our emotional intelligence, IQ,  learned skills or intuition. There is no doubt in my heart or brain that a human lifetime is a privilege, a gift. Yes, sometime I think it’s a penal colony, but if it is, its the ultimate human right to recognise and allow that which is Divine to illumine our conscience. By doing so we are free to consciously grow that which is good and defines every imaginable name and definition of God. As we permit the sound of love to rise to conscious awareness, we can willingly engage with the world from the truth of authenticity. On That Day the Divine has long agreed to cooperate with us in the High Play of regeneration that is evidenced in transformation.

It is time to make every today That Day.