The Mereon Legacy CIC

"The Pattern that connects is the Pattern of patterns."   Gregory Bateson



What if there really is a Love Knot at the heart of Creation?

How would your life change if you decided to make loving intent the heart of all that matters in your life?

Everything is made of stardust, embers from a colossal cosmic sparkler. All matter --you, a frog and the pond scum it swims in, a dirt-crusted rock and a flawless diamond-- arose from the empty space, made of the same ‘nothingness’ that fills the universe.

What if the missing energy and mass that science cannot yet account for is the same thing that makes you, and everything else, you?

What if the only difference in what is and what is not is that what is, is luminous energy that's been stirred into life while what is potential remains a 

The Mereon Matrix reveals how dynamic Unity occurs through diversity, and shows that multiplicity is Unity's only product. Finding the harmony that's essential to sustainability requires realising that paradox is all about perspective.


This link takes you to pages that show how the Mereon Matrix is knowledge that's leading to new understanding in natural science.


Tune In to hear and see how a precise sound generates a Pattern of light that may be what weaves all matter. It will help make you aware how it is that the tone of your voice and what you say either makes your life whole or quickly takes it apart. Are you wondering about the image to the left? It's a cymatic image from the stethoscopic sounds of a heathy human heart. This understanding brings a new appreciation to the power of Music and the Arts.


In 2003, the Matrix was the template used to design The BeLonging Projects. This programme takes aim at renewing the spirit, attitudes, hearts and bodies of teachers. It works, and is the heart of  the Mereon TeamPlay Ground, a game that for 11-years has let learners take responsibility for the social dimension of their learning environment. The magic is that as they co-create positive experiences in the classroom, they build habits they take to the playground and home!  Think about it-- if kids as young as 3-years old can get it, and as a result learn, discover how to lead, and better yet, love going to school, so can you!

Are you ready to end your childish behaviours and learn to cultivate the curiosity, awe and wonder that comes with being childlike? By linking your inner realities, your emotional, cognitive, instinctual, temporal and ethical intelligences, conscience leads to conscious actions. Bottom line: this knowledge is a powerful way to ReVision your life in ways where your actions generate and sustain healthy functional realtionships.


Do you have the desire and will to renew the spirit of business? If so, this link will let you investigate how this knowledge is a Matrix of Mindfulness that can transform how an enterprise runs.


Given that the words religion, yoga, yoke and knot all mean to reconnect, this ultimate Love Knot, a rainbow that transcends hope, gives humanity a new way to understand perspective by seeing that all paths and symbols are actually One.


We do our best to keep an active "Dia.BLOG.ue" running, sharing ideas based on the forms and dynamics of this unitive model.


Mereon Solutions, LLC, a for benefit company that will offer transformative products to help:

Facilitate a transformative meditation practice;
Support the conscious development of inner realities;
Technologies to help you weave meaningful relationships:
Tools that help you cooperate and innovate;
Solutions to call a cease fire to physical revolts; and
help end burnout, and emotional and mental revolutions!