What is the Mereon Matrix?

The Mereon Matrix: a single frequency that opens the unknown, a Universal Symphyony realised from a single tone.

The Mereon Matrix reveals how Unity occurs through diversity, and in catalysing diverse experiences leads to an understanding about why Diversity is Unity's only product. It unveils the simplicity inherent in complexity, and reveals how our brains dance to the rhythm of our hearts. A whole system, the Mereon Matrix is referred to with a feminine pronoun because where we encounter her in Nature is as she births new potential.

Mereon is a complex matrix that ties the simplest pattern, a geospherical Trefoil Knot. The Mereon Matrix connects physical, social, and biological systems.A dynamic whole system, this scientific knowledge has been validated and is leading to a new understanding about how everything is interconnected. It reveals how we can connect with ourselves and with one another, and leads us to our connection with the Heart of the Universe, the Source and the core of Creation.

The Mereon Matrix is a template for weaving a true path of progress, showing us how the quality of life is based on finding points of understanding in ourselves and all our relationships.

For 26-years the Mereon Matrix was classified as 'pure mathematics'. Following the release of "The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox", Elsevier 2013, Dennis et al, it was reclassified 'physics'. The reason for this becomes clear in the video shown below as the latest in cymatic technology, the CymaScope (www.cymascope.com), makes the sound of the heart visible.

What would people see if what was going on inside your heart or brain became visible? 

This image, taken in the CymaScope Lab, shows how we filmed from three different angles, each camera focusing on the small cell that holds a few drops of medical grade water.