HUMAN CONSCIENCE and the field of Consciousness  

Many have long asserted that we are a unified entity: that the body, heart, brain and spirit are all one. While it sounded reasonable from a spiritual perspective, there was no solid science to support what seemed intuitively correct. The Mereon Matrix presents new knowledge; it is a universal methodology that shows how to explore the architectural frontiers in common with both living and life-like systems, and lets us make conscious changes in our lives both individually and collectively.

For 26-years this work was classified as 'pure mathematics', however, following the release of The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox (Elsevier 2013), it was reclassified as 'Physics'. Pointing at the architecture of quantum realm beneath all existence, this dynamic structure connects what we don't hear or see with what we think or imagine. This becomes clear in the video shown below, where the CymaScope --leading edge in cymatic technology-- is used to make the Matrix visible. What's more, this remarkably precise patterning is also found in the stethoscopic sound of the human heart, and the sounds emitted by the brain in an electroencephalogram.

The geometry of the Mereon Matrix, physics, has been captured in the CymaScope. In the video below you will see how our team used the CymaScope to image the stethoscopic sounds of a healthy human heart. In the dynamic presence of the human heartbeat we found the Mereon Matrix.

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Is the Trefoil knot a natural construct?

Is it easy to make if you have the pieces?

Check out the video below!

What would people see going on inside
your heart if it suddenly became visible? 

What would they see if what you were thinking
was suddenly happening in 'real time'?

A Loom on which to weave
a genuine path of progress,
the Mereon Matrix makes it clear 
why a true quality of life
requires identifying values
that lead to solid points agreement,
this, the foundation of genuine understanding.

Why? What?  So what?

Healing and transforming our relationships is the first step humanity must do if we are to save ourselves and heal the planet. The Mereon Matrix presents us with the knowledge of how to do what must be done by revealing WHY diversity is the key to unity. It shows how all the pieces fit and makes it clear that we and the Earth belong to a grand Whole greater than most might dare imagine.

The Mereon Matrix is a 3-dimensional template of a dynamic geometric process. A detailed version of the Logos of Heraclitus, a models of a unity of fundamental processes. It demonstrates why a process of any kind requires an ordered development. Life of any kind demands a simple repeating Pattern that has an almost unimaginable complexity if it is to endure and evolve.

Such survival skills are inherent in the process that defines the Mereon Matrix. This is clear in the eight steps that carry through three functions related to: input, ingredients enter the system; throughput, ingredients transform one another; and output where the results of the transformation between functions are made available for expansion of the system it is part of, and for further input of the system itself.

Decades of research has been validated in a natural, observational medium, water, when the Mereon Matrix arises as the Prime Frequency that is derived from the mathematics, an unaudible, Theta frequency, is played into a small cell containing a few drops of water, and captured on the CymaScope. As this unique resonance opens the Unknown, a Universal Symphyony is revealed to be playing in a single tone.

By revealing how Unity occurs through diversity, this knowledge is catalysing diverse experiences, each leading to an understanding about why Diversity is Unity's only product. As this Matrix unveils the simplicity inherent in complexity, it makes it clear that our brain dances to the rhythm of our hearts. If you hear the Mereon Matrix referred to with a feminine pronoun it is because where we encounter her in Nature is where she is birthing new potential.

The motion of the geometry inherent in the Mereon Matrix defines a toroidal system. This simplest pattern is a spherical Trefoil Knot that connects physical, social and biological systems. A Universal system, the scientific knowledge inherent in Mereon is leading to a new understanding about how everything and 'nothing' are interconnected. It shows how you can connect with yourself and others by connecting you with the Heart of the Universe, the Source and the core of Creation as we now know it to be.

To the researchers at the International School for Advanced Studies, we'd like to pose the following paradox...

What if adding one more piece, the Rule of +1, actually simplifies the knot? If so, it would be polarized and able to turn itself inside out. If a good shake in the box did knot the 4 pieces, when opened would we find the Mereon Trefoil? If so, we'd have a self-organising, dynamically stable connection with a higher energy minium that's capable of regenerating itself, expanding the space it occupies infinitely as it fills it with new potential by harnessing what 'hides' in the vaccum.

We invite you to take a few moments to hear these long articulated thoughts in video a presented by Morgan Freeman.