The Ultimate Love Knot

“Music is liquid architecture. Architecture is frozen music.”  — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Connection we’re speaking about here is the ultimate Love Knot for its flow is infinite, inside and out. This rainbow path is generated by a watery Context that breathes and births, decidedly feminine qualities; and the Core hidden at the centre of the system that seeds internal potential, reflecting a masculine nature. Whole, their mutual attraction leads to an interaction of two embedded geospheres. The boundary (outlined in red) is best described a bubble that sets its internal and external Context. The central sphere, the Core, is smaller and has a symmetry match to carbon. Hidden at the centre of this complex toroidal flow, it is infinitely smaller and exponentially more powerful than the Context. It continues to catalysed thoughts regarding the meaning of ‘equal and opposite’. 

At the heart of “It’s Time’ is a quote by Gregory Bateson: “The pattern that connects is a Pattern of patterns.” A knot is a pattern that connects, and we will be exploring the simplest form known knot, the trefoil knot. Most would recognise the trefoil from Celtic knots, but this is a previously unknown expression. Perspective is immediately understood by looking this knot from six points of view in the above above. Just so you know, I saw eyes roll at the word ‘torus’, and admit that doing so is reasonable at this point, especially if you’re reading this as a stand alone paper! Like most you are probably wondering what any of this has to do with you, and why it’s important to use a ‘big’ little word like this!. 

The reason is simple; vortices are the creative organising forces in all living and life-like systems. If you haven’t looked at the link, think about a donut or bagel and imagine rolling it inward through its hole. A vortex of energy powers every beat of your heart. The same dynamic is responsible for a healthy functioning brain. A little philosophical food for thought here. Obviously both your brain and heart are important to your health and well being. But have you ever thought about how someone can be ‘braindead’ yet continue to live? Only when the heart runs out of energy does life end. When the heart if finished the brain stops and it’s time to grow on. Think about this in terms of the relationship trials you have passed…

A compelling completeness invokes wonder watching how this changeless dynamic transforms every thing it takes in. We also understand Mereon’s relationship to all of Mother Nature’s building blocks, the Platonic and Kepler solids that kids the world over usually learn about in the 8th grade.  They are shown below in the order that they emerge in the Matrix’s sequential process. A gentle reminder to those who think about ‘sacred geometry’: everything in our universe comes from stardust, the only difference being how that cosmic glitter is arranged. This means that if anything is sacred, everything is sacred.

Click here to see a computer animation of this motion. To see how the Connection flows click here. To see a very specific frequency generate the Mereon Matrix in a few drops of water follow this link