Geometry & Knots

Cover design: Sameer Zavery,

‘The Mereon Matrix: Everything Connected Through (K)nothing’, World Scientific, Spring 2018

At the heart of this work is a quote by Gregory Bateson: “The pattern that connects is a Pattern of patterns.”

The Mereon Trefoil is the simplest expression of the well known trefoil knot. Years of research demonstrates that this Pattern is a pattern that profoundly connects. This knot is found when tracing the dynamics of complex geometric system known as the Mereon Matrix.

Perspective is immediately comprehended in the six viewpoints of one know shown below. A true “Love Knot”, its flow is unconditional and infinite, with no beginning or end. Flowing from inside to out and back again, this rainbow path is generated by the interaction between its Context, a watery geomatrix that breathes and births —decidedly feminine qualities— and its Core, a nucleus that seeds potential and reflects the system's masculine nature. Their mutual attraction and interaction forms as a system of embedded geospheres, its compelling completeness invoking wonder as its changeless dynamic transforms all that it takes in, unity producing infinite diversity.

The Mereon Matrix unites all Mother Nature’s building blocks, the Platonic and Kepler solids, twice, and reveals the sequential order in which each emerges. Those interested in alchemy will find it significant that connected ‘Gold’, the architecture based on the Golden Ratio, the ’Sacred Proportion’. Forms that are not ‘Φ’ are transformed, transformed from non-golden proportions into golden clusters. 

To those who consider dynamic geometry ‘sacred’, the Mereon Matrix reveals why if anything is sacred, everything is sacred.

“Mereon stands at the Heart of Creation… This is a metaphoric statement about the attitude and sense of the construction and discovery of pattern that is exemplified by the Mereon Geometry and Topology. We do not mean that this geometry is literally at the beginning of physical creation of universe, but that the attitude of discovery and possible utilization of the patterns so discovered is at the heart of both our human creations, and quite possibly at the heart of the creation we discover in nature.” —Louis H Kauffman

The inspiring 1 minute animation above shows how Lynnclaire Dennis first drew the Pattern, the Mereon Trefoil knot. Click here to see a computer animation of Mereon Matrix in motion;  and to see how energy flows through the Mereon Trefoil, click here. To observe a very specific frequency generate the Mereon Matrix in a few drops of water, follow this link