Many have long asserted that we are one, a whole connected by many parts, each of which is whole. While reasonable from a spiritual perspective, science was unable to support what seemed intuitively correct.

The Mereon Matrix presents new knowledge of such a connection; a universal methodology that shows how to explore the architectural frontiers in common with both living and life-like systems. The logic shows how to make conscious changes, both individually and collectively.

For 26-years this work was classified as 'pure mathematics', however, following the release of The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox (Elsevier 2013), it was reclassified as 'Physics'.

This matrix may well be the missing picture that is needed to assemble the myriad of parts in a grand scienfic puzzle.

This architecture may be that of the quantum realm, the singular point beneath all existence. This dynamic structure connects what we don't hear or see with what we think or imagine, this made clear in the video below. Here, the CymaScope --leading edge in cymatic technology-- is used to make the Mereon Matrix visible. In the second video you will see where this precise patterning is also found in the stethoscopic sound of the human heart, and tones emitted by the brain in an electroencephalogram.

Human Conscience as the field of Consciousness

Video Credit

The dynamic geometry of the Mereon Matrix has been captured in the CymaScope, and in the video below you will see how it was used to image the stethoscopic sounds of a healthy human heart. Look carefully, and you will see the presence of the Mereon Matrix.